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How to Shop Online Like a Security Pro

‘Tis the season when even those who know a thing or two about Internet scams tend to let down their guard in the face of an eye-popping discount or the stress of last-minute holiday shopping. So here’s a quick refresher course on how to make it through the next few weeks without getting snookered online.

IRS warns of “Tax Transcript” email scam; Dangers to business networks

The Internal Revenue Service and Security Summit partners today warned the public of a surge of fraudulent emails impersonating the IRS and using tax transcripts as bait to entice users to open documents containing malware.

Fall Football Spot

You know you want to watch! 

Don't Become A Statistic

Our business customers are increasingly becoming targets of various types of fraud including embezzlement by trusted employees. As their financial institution, we feel a responsibility to our customers in providing helpful information to better protect their company’s assets.

Payroll Phishing

A new strain of payroll phishes that have surfaced over the past few months involves phishing emails requesting copies of pay stubs and wage statements.