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Defend Yourself Against Skimmers

How can you protect yourself from skimming? Learn what you can do.

ATMs have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Sadly, this convenience may come with the risk of falling victim to ATM skimming. However, you can protect yourself from these malicious devices by recognizing if an ATM has been compromised.

Understanding ATM Skimmers

Skimmers are covert devices designed to steal sensitive financial information when you use an ATM. These devices are often placed on or inside legitimate card readers, blending seamlessly with the ATM’s appearance. Skimmers capture the data from the magnetic stripe on your debit or credit card and record your PIN through hidden cameras or keypad overlays.

Recognizing Compromised ATMs

Detecting a skimmer might seem challenging, but knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

  • Inspect the card reader. Before inserting your card into an ATM, closely examine the card reader. It could be a skimmer if it looks loose, misaligned, or different from the rest of the machine.
  • Check for hidden cameras. Skimmers often come with miniature cameras to record your PIN. Be cautious of anything that looks like an out-of-place attachment near the ATM’s PIN pad.
  • Cover the keypad. When entering your PIN, use your free hand to shield the keypad. This precaution prevents hidden cameras or overlays from capturing your PIN.
  • Look for tampering. If anything on the ATM looks unusual or appears to have been tampered with, report it to the bank or ATM owner immediately.

IMPORTANT: We regularly check the ATMs at Quail Creek Bank, but if you ever feel your card fits tighter than usual or see something unusual, please let us know immediately.

Tips to Protect Yourself

Now that you know what to look for, here are some proactive measures to safeguard your financial information:

  • Use ATMs in secure locations. Whenever possible, use ATMs located in well-lit, busy areas. Criminals are less likely to tamper with ATMs in locations where criminal activity can be easily noticed.
  • Regularly monitor your accounts. Keep a close eye on your account statements. If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your Quail Creek Bank accounts, report them to us immediately.
  • Use contactless payment methods. Using contactless payment methods like mobile wallets or contactless cards will reduce the risk of skimming as they do not involve inserting your card into a compromised reader.
  • Set transaction alerts. Enable transaction alerts on your mobile banking app to receive real-time notifications for activity on your accounts. This allows you to respond to any suspicious transactions quickly.
  • Report suspicious activity. If you encounter an ATM that appears compromised or notice any suspicious behavior around ATMs, report it to the bank and local authorities promptly.

As technology advances, so do the methods employed by cybercriminals. Protecting yourself from ATM skimmers requires a combination of awareness, diligence, and adopting secure financial habits. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and take control of your financial well-being.

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