Fraud Alert

We have received numerous notifications from customers reporting fraudulent debit card telephone calls or texts. Please do not provide personal information to any suspicious callers OR reply to text messages regarding your Quail Creek Bank VISA debit card. Quail Creek Bank will not solicit you for information we already have on file. 

The scam works in one of two ways:

Phone calls: You receive a call claiming to be from (405) 755-1000 saying your VISA debit card has had suspicious activity or has been compromised. The fraudster may then ask you for personal information such as a portion of your debit card number or online banking login credentials – including your security questions and PIN number. Do NOT provide any of this information. If you provide any identifying information, the fraudster may gain access to your account or debit card.

Text messages: We have also received notices from customers who have received fraudulent text messages.

Below are samples of a legitimate text from the bank’s Fraud Center AND a fake text from a fraudster.  

Sample Legitimate Text

Valid fraud text screenshot

Sample Fraudulent Text

Fraud text screenshot

If you are unsure about the status of your card, please contact Quail Creek Bank’s Debit Card Fraud Department at 855.961.1602.


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