BANK like a boss. (AKA Take charge of your finances)

Financial Literacy

About the program

Financial responsibility and financial education are keys to the long-term success of all individuals. As a locally owned bank solely dedicated to serving the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, we want to be an active participant in our community’s efforts to improve the financial education of our citizens. We believe this education process needs to begin during the teenage years, and we want to support those schools and community leaders who share these same principles. We appreciate administrators and teachers in the OKC metropolitan area who are dedicated to the crucial responsibility of educating our youth. We want to find new and creative ways to support them in these efforts, particularly with respect to financial literacy.


In 2007, the Oklahoma Legislature mandated fourteen areas of instruction through the Passport to Financial Literacy Act of 2007 (70 O.S. § 11-103.6h). To this end, the Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) for Personal Financial Literacy, Grades 7–12, was designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage their personal finances. Successful money management is a disciplined behavior and much easier when learned earlier in life.

In 2012, Quail Creek Bank and The Lampo Group, company of New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey, formed an alliance in which Quail Creek Bank sponsors Dave Ramsey's personal finance curriculum in high schools throughout the Oklahoma City Area.



Doug Fuller, president of Quail Creek Bank said, “We are extremely excited about being the exclusive sponsor for the Oklahoma City area. It is a perfect fit with our mission to be a leader in banking technology and providing financial services and education to the next generation of Oklahomans. Today’s young adults access their banking needs much differently than their parents or grandparents. As a strong supporter of our community we want to help them make good and informed decisions for their financial future.”

Dave Ramsey's course, Foundations in Personal Finance, allows high school educators to teach their students about the importance of their financial future. Through a DVD lecture course, accompanying workbook, and online content, students are taught the value of saving and spending to guide them down the path of financial peace. Educators can enjoy the easy-to-use, turn-key resource that provides them with lesson plans, tests, activities, and other supplemental material. They don't have to worry about lesson planning--Dave has done all of that for them!

Ramsey developed Foundations in Personal Finance to teach students sound financial principles so they can avoid financial difficulties as they become adults. The lessons are taught in an entertaining, passionate, and easy-to-understand style to help students learn the financial lessons their parents have learned the hard way. Each interactive lesson is taught by Ramsey through age-specific questions. The curriculum is aligned with Oklahoma’s state standards with an emphasis on 21st Century Learning Skills like critical thinking, analyzing information, problem-solving, and applying knowledge to new situations.

The Bank's sponsorship is enabling teachers to reach many students who are able to gain the valuable lessons from Dave's course at no charge to the school or to the students themselves.


In addition to our financial commitment of covering the cost of the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum, Quail Creek Bank sends a bank representative to each classroom once a semester to serve as a guest speaker and help reinforce financial topics of the teacher’s choosing.  This year, we have a proud team of 10 bank employees who assist in the financial literacy program.