Medical Banking

At Quail Creek Bank, we recognize the unique needs of medical professionals. As a result, we have designed a product offering and dedicated team of individuals to help you achieve your financial goals. Our dedicated, experienced, Medical Banking team takes exceptional pride in building lasting relationships, while providing the very best in personal attention and financial expertise.

Medical Banking clients expect the highest level of service and confidentiality in their affairs. Our team is poised and ready to deliver concierge-style banking, preferred rates, and streamlined approval processes. We want to provide you with the very best banking services available for individuals with significant income and personal wealth.


Our Medical Banking team focuses on providing an extensive array of concierge-style banking solutions for medical professionals. We understand you need a single point of contact for all of your financial needs, both personally and professionally. That’s why our Medical Banking team is designed to handle everything from personal financial services to business services.

Whether you need a personal loan such as a home loan, car loan, or credit card, or personal account service such as checking, savings, or money market, your account officer is your primary point of contact for everything. The same is true for your practice and other business needs. Your account officer is your primary point of contact for practice loans, equipment purchases, buy-outs, checking accounts, and cash management services. The Medical Banking team strives to be that single point of contact for all things financial, allowing you peace of mind to focus on medicine.

Practice Management Services

As an owner of your medical practice, we understand you have a unique set of financial needs. Our Medical Banking team is uniquely qualified with numerous years of experience advising physicians on best financial practices to ensure your practice is operating efficiently and effectively.

We understand the importance of proactively managing your business, and we have designed financial tools to help you achieve profitable operations. From cash management services to business lending, our team of professionals are ready to share their extensive knowledge to help you ensure your business is on track to financial success.

Cash Management

Our comprehensive suite of cash management products provides your practice with the tools it needs to manage every detail of daily operations. Our Medical Banking product offering includes direct deposit, remote deposit, lockbox processing, merchant processing, and ACH origination. This comprehensive suite of treasury services can be managed online, or using your favorite mobile device. All solutions are custom tailored for your practice.

Home Mortgage

Our Medical Banking team provides market-leading mortgage solutions for home purchases, renovations, vacation homes, and home equity lines of credit. Whether you need a new home for your family, a second home to get away from it all, or an easily accessible line of credit, we will custom tailor a solution for you.

Family Services

Our Medical Banking team understands that your family comes first. That’s why we are available to assist your family members with their financial needs too. From personal banking services to wealth management, our dedicated team of professionals are available to help fulfill the financial needs of each of your family members.

Wealth Management

Retirement is a dream we all share. We are here to help you maximize the value of your income and assets now, so when the time comes you’re able to enjoy your financial independence. By leveraging the experience of the wealth management experts at the Quail Creek Investment Center, your long-term strategy will become a plan to realize your dreams.

The Quail Creek Investment Center offers a comprehensive line of products aimed at tax efficient strategies that focus on keeping more of your hard earned money, while also providing a conservative plan for investing. Whether you are building your estate, or preparing to transfer it to the next generation, the Quail Creek Investment Center is available to assist you every step of the way.