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Mobile Payments: A Quick and Safe Way to Make Your Life Easier

Your phone can become your digital wallet to pay for the things you need quickly and safely. Here’s how.

Whether buying groceries, paying for business supplies, or getting a new outfit “just because,” using a mobile payment app offers a safe and convenient way to pay for the things you need. Just add your credit or debit card to your favorite mobile payment app (such as Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, or Samsung Pay), and your phone becomes your digital wallet.

Here are a few good reasons to use a mobile payment app:

  • It’s a convenient way to pay. You can leave your cards and cash at home and use your phone to pay for goods and services. And now that more retailers offer contactless payment options, it’s incredibly convenient to use your digital wallet to pay for the things you need when you need them—just tap, pay and go.
  • It’s a secure way to pay. All mobile payment apps use Near-Field Communication (NFC), a contactless technology that allows you to tap or wave your phone at any point-of-sale terminal. Generally, these apps use either encryption or protected code to reduce the threat to your personal data. For example, your card number is never stored on your device or with a retailer. Instead, the system masks your card number by assigning a random number or token for each purchase you make. So if a criminal does gain access to the data on your phone, it’s useless. And most payment apps require you to add a fingerprint, password, or PIN as an additional layer of security.

You can make mobile payments even more secure.

While your transactions are secure when you use your digital wallet, you should take extra care to prevent your phone from being stolen or hacked. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Be sure to set up multi-factor authentication to unlock your phone.
  • Use a secure Wi-Fi network when adding cards to your digital wallet.
  • Add only trusted apps to your phone—use trusted sources like Apple Store or Google Play to vet apps.
  • Lock your phone when it’s not in use.
  • Update anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.
  • When accessing the Internet on your phone, be sure any site you use to purchase something is secure—check to ensure the web address starts with “HTTPS” or has a lock in it.
  • Never use public Wi-Fi to make an online transaction or mobile payment.
  • Monitor your accounts regularly and set up mobile alerts to know when payments clear your account, when your account balance drops below a certain level, and more. If you see anything that seems out of order in your account, contact us immediately at (405) 755-1000.

You may have the sense that mobile transactions make your information more vulnerable, but they can be even safer than carrying cash, debit, or credit cards. Just look for the contactless symbol along with the Apple Pay or Google Pay symbols and simply tap, pay and go.

Using your digital wallet with a QCB debit or credit card is easy to set up.

You can easily link your QCB debit or credit card to your favorite digital wallet—it takes less than 10 minutes to do. First, download Apple Pay or Google Pay to your phone. Then follow the directions in the app to link your QCB debit or credit card to the digital wallet and enjoy the freedom and security of contactless payments.

Watch this brief video to help.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (405) 755-1000.

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