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Protect Yourself from Holiday Scams

Don’t let scammers rob you of holiday joy this season. Learn how to protect yourself from holiday scams.

While all may be merry and bright during the holidays, some scammers find it the best time to trick innocent victims. Unfortunately, every year thousands of people are victims of holiday scams — don’t let anything ruin your festive mood this year.

According to the FBI, most holiday scams lead back to either non-delivery of goods or services after buying them or the non-payment of goods or services after receipt. This year, the FBI also warns against auction fraud (where sellers misrepresent a product on an auction site) and gift card fraud (when someone requires you to pay with a prepaid card). 

Tips to protect yourself from holiday scams.

Use these tips to keep your holidays bright and protect you from holiday scams.

When using email:

  • Don’t open emails or ecards from people you don’t know.
  • Don’t open attachments or click on links from unsolicited emails.
  • Don’t give personal or financial information through email (legitimate businesses won’t solicit sensitive information in this way). 

When shopping online:

  • Check the website to ensure it’s legitimate and secure—look for “HTTPS” or a padlock icon in the URL. 
  • Review customer feedback before you shop at a company for the first time—if there are only poor reviews (or none at all), don’t buy anything on the site.
  • Avoid buying from sellers who act as authorized dealers or factory representatives of popular items in countries where there would be no such deals.
  • Steer clear of sellers who post an auction or advertisement as if they live in the U.S., but answer questions by stating they are out of the country on business, a family emergency, or other similar reasons.
  • Use your low-rate Quail Creek Bank credit card to make online purchases, as you’ll experience more fraud protection than by paying with a debit card.
  • Consider using your digital wallet to make purchases to add another level of protection to your financial information.
  • Only shop in reputable apps and check your settings to ensure your data is secure.

No matter how you shop this holiday season, be sure you check your accounts regularly using online or mobile banking. If you find any unauthorized transactions in your Quail Creek Bank accounts, contact us immediately at 405-755-1000.