Congrats, L.D.

L.D. is celebrating 20 years at Quail Creek Bank

L.D. celebrates 20 years as a commercial lender at Quail Creek Bank! L.D. began his banking career in 1975 to support himself while pursuing his forestry degree at Oklahoma State University. When he approached graduation, a recession occurred, and forestry positions were not available. Oil in Oklahoma was prominent, however, and L.D. accepted a position as a loan collector when he graduated in 1979. L.D. held many different positions throughout the years, including messenger, bookkeeping, proof, teller, and customer service. Once he graduated, he went from loan collector to consumer lender, consumer lending department head, and commercial and agricultural lender.    

L.D. is quite active outside of the bank and some of his favorite hobbies include cowboy action shooting, wild bunch action shooting, as well as most of the shotgun sports. He enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time on his farm. L.D. has been married to Becky for 27 years and has four grown children and nine grandchildren. 

Awards after a shooting competition

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