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Farewell, Jeannie

Jeannie retires after 47 years in banking!

Jeannie began her banking career in Kingfisher in January 1976, working as a teller and personal banker for a branch bank.  After moving to Oklahoma City, she joined Quail Creek Bank in 1995 as a teller.  Jeannie transferred to the customer service department after two years and worked there until 2004.  Her remaining 19 years with Quail Creek Bank have been in the loan operations department. 

Her recent supervisor, Carole, says Jeannie has always been a great friend, always offering to help, both at work and outside of work.  “She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about loans and how the bank’s core system works.  Jeannie is extremely dependable and has rarely ever been sick.  She will be missed by all who work with her.”  

Jeannie has been married to Tom, a local CPA, and attorney, for 29 years.  They recently purchased a home on Table Rock Lake, and she is looking forward to spending time playing tennis, boating, kayaking, and other fun water activities.  She and Tom have three dogs at home, two grown daughters, Michelle and Erin, and three grandchildren.  Jeannie is excited to spend more time with her daughter, Michelle, and her granddaughter, who reside nearby. 

When asked what makes Quail Creek Bank special, Jeannie just smiled and said, “This place is just family.  There is no other way to describe it, just family.”  Jeannie, you are part of the Quail Creek Bank family, and we are proud you have been with Quail Creek Bank for the past 28 years.  Happy retirement!

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