Quail Creek Bank's Teacher of the Month History

May 2019 Teacher Of The Month image
Colin Waddell

Concert & Symphony | Putnam City Original High School
May 2019


April 2019 Teacher Of The Month image
Rhonda Gillett

Pre-k Teacher | Guthrie Public Schools - Golden Age Intergenerational Pre-k
April 2019

Ms. Gillett started Guthrie’s first intergenerational school which combines a school full of sweet loving children with the nursing home. The interaction between the residents and the children benefits both groups! “Rhonda Gillett is not only a teacher she is a joy giver and anyone who sees her in action witnesses how she truly cares for these children” according to one nomination. “Not only is she teaching our children educational things but she is also teaching them unconditional love”. She is truly remarkable and deserves a little recognition!

March 2019 Teacher Of The Month image
Lisa Taulman

Art Teacher | Putnam City West High School
March 2019

“The world would be a better place to live if every student had a teacher like Mrs. Taulman” according to one of her students. A parent of another student commented that Mrs. Taulman is always helping someone whether it’s feeding a hungry student her own lunch, providing an ear to listen, replacing things that students destroy with her own money, or intervening to stop a bully. She doesn't just teach art, she teaches compassion and caring.

February 2019 Teacher Of The Month image
Hannah Russell

Pre-K Teacher | Capitol Hill Elementary
February 2019

Ms. Russell is an incredible teacher and worker within her school. Just this year, she has started a reading buddies program and secret pal (a teacher encouragement system), led 5th-grade science students in the Design + Do science competition, in addition to coaching cheer, serving as a faculty advisory assistant, along with many other responsibilities. She is constantly prepping work for her students, communicating with families, and going above and beyond to be a leader and trusted friend to her coworkers. Her teaching is hands-on, innovate, and engaging. She gives kids experiences that they may never have otherwise.

January 2019 Teacher Of The Month image
Susie Bratcher

Music Teacher | Kaiser Elementary
January 2019

“Ms. Bratcher is a wonderful music teacher!” according to many Kaiser Kangaroos who wrote in to nominate their music teacher who has provided inspiration to students at the school for over 30 years. Ms. Bratcher’s students are regularly found performing in local malls and churches around Christmas, and often times the uniforms they are wearing are a direct result of Ms. Bratcher personal financial commitment to their success. Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy although her smiling face can be found in her classroom nearly every day. Praying for a speedy and full recovery for you Ms. Bratcher!

December 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Erin Wright

PE Teacher | Earl Harris Elementary
December 2018

Bethany Earl Harris Elementary, Physical Education Teachers Mrs. Wright is a model teacher who is dedicated to the health and wellness of the students and faculty at Bethany Earl Harris Elementary. In addition to starting a running club, she manages events such as “Super Kids Day” and “Running Through the Roadblocks 5K” which is a fundraiser for the Go Mitch Go Foundation which was established in honor of a former student of the school. Mrs. Wright is always trying to find new and creative ways to encourage everyone at the school to live healthier lifestyles including exercise and conscious eating habits. She is also a creative fundraiser who is always looking for new ways to fund her programs and purchase additional equipment for the students.

November 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Jonathan Delucia

Art Teacher | Classen School of Advanced Studies
November 2018

Despite not having a classroom, Mr. Delucia is always a positive influence and greets everyone with a smile. As an art teacher, he is forced to push a cart around the school carrying his art supplies, moving from classroom to classroom, often times not having access to water. Yet he is patient and kind with the kids, always encouraging them. He could use a much nicer cart and some cabinetry for storage.

October 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Nicki Gray

English Teacher | Strother High School
October 2018

Mrs. Gray is a teacher known for giving students the passion to pursue a degree in English by making it so understandable, fun, and worthwhile. Despite being a paraplegic since her early 20’s, she is an encouragement and inspiration to many, many students

September 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Shane Stanfill

Oklahoma History Teacher & Coach | Seminole High School
September 2018

Coach Stanfill is an alumnus who returned to help teach and coach students in his hometown. He is known as selfless, humble, and meets students where they are. He also serves our country through his 18 years of service in the National Guard.

August 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Kenneth West

Math Teacher & Coach | Star Spencer High School
August 2018

Coach West is a former Star Spencer football player and alumni, collegiate football player, and collegiate football coach who returned to his home town to help educate and coach kids. Nominations focused on his high level of personal character, his respect for others, and his compassion. Several commented that he was instrumental in establishing a food program to help feed his football students in the afternoons, many of which lack access to food in the evenings due to limited resources or poor living conditions.

May 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Karen Cruise

Destiny Christian School | Specialty Learning Lab
May 2018

30+ years of teaching and a SHINING example of a true teacher’s heart.

April 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Elizabeth Baxter

Kingsgate Elementary | Moore Public Schools
April 2018

Ms. Baxter goes above and beyond to help the families of her special needs students, day or night.

March 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Sherri Fitch

Edmond Santa Fe High School | 9-12th-grade Spanish teacher
March 2018

Ms. Fitch makes learning Spanish fun and her passion about it is infectious! She is a single Mom of two girls who works a second job to ensure her daughters are provided opportunities and experiences which are important to their personal development.

February 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Laura Brothers

Northridge Elementary | Putnam City School District | 4th-grade teacher, all subjects
February 2018

Ms. Brothers is a great role model and leader who volunteers for EVERYTHING at the school.

January 2018 Teacher Of The Month image
Emily Monroe

Kingsgate Elementary | Moore Public Schools
January 2018

She inspires kids to read, create, build and imagine despite her struggles while undergoing chemotherapy treatments in her fight against breast cancer. This donation will go towards STEM materials for the school library.

December 2017 Teacher Of The Month image
Carrie Conwell

Oklahoma Centennial Mid-High School | Dance Instructor
December 2017

Teaches dance with very limited equipment and or budget. Ms. Conwell spends her personal time and own money on shoes and costumes for her students.

November 2017 Teacher Of The Month image
Kathy Ice

Guthrie Middle School| Science Teacher
November 2017

Very passionate about teaching and making science fun!

October 2017 Teacher Of The Month image
Michael Harp

Carl Albert High School | Director of Bands
October 2017

In a short four years, he has taken the band from nearly non-existent to competing locally and nationally!

September 2017 Teacher Of The Month image
Niki McCurtain

Prague Middle School | 6th Grade English Teacher
September 2017

Spent her own money to start an Art Club for students which meets after school because the district was forced to cut Arts from the curriculum due to budget cuts.

August 2017 Teacher Of The Month image
Andrea Brawdy

James Griffith Intermediate School, Choctaw, OK | 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
August 2017

Specializes in teaching Autistic children.